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About Us
Thanks so much for checking us out!  We’re Dave and Robin Carlan, a husband and wife portrait and boudoir  photography team.  We live in Rock Hill, South Carolina with our extended nuclear family (reads Mom and grown kids), two destruct-o puppies Payton and Piccolo and one grumpy old man, an ornery but loveable giant Alaskan malamute named Sundance.

We hope you'll click through the links in the menu to find out more about us and our style  our process, some pricing and some FAQs.  Once you’ve taken a look around and you just can’t wait  to set up your session, contact us to work it all out!

More “About Us”
We’ve been asked a billion times by our clients to share a bit more about us, I guess they think we’re more interesting than we do! LOL In an effort to accommodate their wishes and further enlighten future clients as to what makes us ‘tick’ here is a  little more information about us in the form of an excerpt from an article written about us a few years back.

Who ARE these people?
(Excerpt from “A Grammar Snob’s Weblog Guide to the Universe” posted with permission of the author VL McMahon)

Award winning husband and wife photographers, Robin and David Carlan, have shared a passion for photography for almost thirty years.  They began their first venture into professional photography, a small, in-home studio called Lasting Images, in 1984 through which they specialized in portraiture and sports photography, but their ambitions and professional vision evolved quickly to include product photography, commissioned works, landscapes, and a variety of other subject focuses.  Though they have long since abandoned their basement darkroom, Robin and David have avidly embraced the introduction of digital technology to the industry, and they continue to refine their talent and vision for creating unique, personal photographs. 
Their interest in intimate portraiture - boudoir specifically extends back more than a decade and finds its roots in their introduction to and exploration of the artistic and expressive nude photography of other professionals.  In more recent years this appreciation for blending the natural beauty of the human body with a classy, personal flavor has developed into a full blown passion as Pink Martini Photography was born out of Robin’s own personal experiences with intimate photography.  After years of struggling with her self image, she wanted something totally unique to commemorate her personal achievement in overcoming the lifelong battle with self-consciousness about her body.  Then, while scouring studios in search of something with just the right touch of “personal and sexy”, she stumbled across boudoir photography and fell headlong into the genre.
Embracing the overwhelming sense of empowerment and beauty she felt for herself through her own session, Robin decided she wanted to share that feeling with others and thus, with her husband, began shooting boudoir for Pink Martini Photography. 
“Nothing compares to the joy of watching someone “conquer gravity” and helping them to see themselves as the most beautiful they have ever been.  We aren’t just making photographs; we’re eternalizing a very special and often defining moment for someone.  That’s really at the heart of what we do here.”