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The Boudoir Process
In order to create authentic images for you that fully represent the uniqueness of YOU, we have a simple process of three meetings, described below.

Our first meeting is a preconsultation; this will happen before your session with us. For this first meeting we can come to you or you're welcome to swing by the studio...if you prefer neutral territory, we can meet for coffee or martinis (mmmm martinis!) We'll discuss what kind of products you're interested in and who it's for...your significant other or just for you. We'll chat a bit about your style and ours (this helps us plan) and what you can expect in your shoot with us.  This first session is where we get to know each other and is really important to our process - so it's a requirement. 

The second meeting is your shoot! This can be done at your home, our studio, a hotel or bed & breakfast. If you don't have anywhere in particular that 'speaks' to you - we have plenty of cool, or out of the way places to do your shoot and they'll pretty much fit any style.  The shoot is the fun part...we get to play around and be silly, tell lame jokes, drink champagne and giggle, we just let you be you! We'll do all the work - but you won't notice, cause we'll all be having such a good time together.

Lastly, we'll give you a call when your 'reveal' is ready. You'll be invited to the 'lounge' (our place) and we'll premiere your images! There'll be drinks and goodies and lots of Ooohs and Aaahs over your photos and we'll get your photo order taken care of.  We hate the 'tough sell' so no worries about that - we feel pretty confident that you're going to love your images...after all they were custom designed to your needs and desires! (all that stuff we talked about at the preconsult)

Why should I book a Pink Martini session?
Most of our clients book a boudoir session to celebrate a milestone such as weight loss, overcoming chronic illness, physical enhancements, turning 30, 40 or 50 and feeling fabulous about it!  Brides-to-be book a session to gift  their fiancé on the big day, but there are plenty of other reasons why you should book a session!  Pink Martini boudoir sessions are a way to feel empowered, beautiful and amazing!  They give you the opportunity to celebrate YOU! Truth is…you don’t NEED a reason! If you’re looking for something unique for that special someone, Pink Martini products make great gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, military deployments (ask about military discounts on all of our sessions, not just boudoir sessions, by the way!), holidays, random Tuesdays, or just as a treat to yourself! YOU deserve it.

I don’t have a perfect body; can you still make me look gorgeous?
Absolutely!  You don’t need a perfect body to look beautiful. We’ve photographed women with all body types. We'll use posing and lighting in order to create images that will show off your best qualities while downplaying those not-so-best features.  No matter your body type, we'll create images you'll love and make you feel incredible!  Also, advanced beauty retouching is fundamental in creating our signature look. After your session, the best images will be selected for viewing.  Each image chosen is flawlessly retouched to perfection in our digital darkroom to make your portraits the works of art that you expect.
*Extensive retouching may incur charges beyond what is covered on the price list.

I’m self-conscious!
Don’t worry…that just means you’re normal! Put aside your issues with your hips or your tummy. We’ll  do what we can to hide your trouble areas and bring out the parts about you that you’re proud of. You're beautiful and we’ll prove it!

I’m afraid my pictures will end up all over the internet...
Unless we have your consent, your photos will never, ever be published online.  No one but us will ever have access to images.  Of course, we’d love to show off your photos if you’re ok with that. So, at some point in the process we'll ask about using them, but you always have the right to decline and there’s never any pressure to let us use your photos.

Do you only photograph ‘local’ boudoir sessions?
We photograph Pink Martini boudoir sessions all over the country, and love to travel.  If you live outside of the Charlotte, NC area and would like to set up a session, please contact us and we’ll fill you in on how to score yourself a free Pink Martini boudoir session!

Where, oh where?
A boudoir session won’t work just anywhere. We need good lighting, simple décor, easy to move furniture and interesting surroundings, not to mention privacy. Your home might work, or maybe a friends place. But if neither of those options are available, or if you’re from out of town traveling to the Charlotte area for the shoot, perhaps rent a bed and breakfast room or luxurious hotel suite. Of course our studio is always an excellent option. (Any rental or travel to your location is not covered in your session fee)

What about hair and makeup - should I hire someone or do it myself?
We highly recommend that you hire a professional hair and makeup artist to glam you up before the shoot. Feel free to have your own professional do your hair and makeup or we can suggest one of our Uh-MAZING hair/makeup artists. Hair and makeup needs to be done before the scheduled time of your shoot.

If you opt to do your own, remember that photographic makeup needs to be more dramatic and heavier than everyday makeup but be careful not to go too over the top with it, you still want to look like you. False eyelashes are a great way to boost your eyes. For your hair, maybe start with it styled down and bring along clips or pony-tail holder so we can have alternate looks if needed. Also bring whatever makeup you might need for touch-ups. 

Do I need to bring my whole wardrobe with me?
Nah, but do have options. Get together outfits or lingerie items that you feel fantastic in or think your man will enjoy. But don’t feel like it has to be all about lacey thongs and bras. A simple tank top and jeans or boy shorts and an oversized shirt of his can be equally sexy! Uniforms items work great too if your man is in the military!

How naked do I have to get?
The question actually is…How naked do you WANT to get? Complete nudity is ok with us – but we won’t pressure you to go where you don’t want to.  We will happily do whatever you feel comfortable with.

What can I expect?
Fun! You’ll be nervous, but that just means you’re normal! We’ll look at the clothing and props you want to use and get an idea of what order we’ll shoot in.  You’ll get your hair and makeup done. We’ll make dumb jokes. Drink some champagne or a martini. You’ll start to relax...the rest is magic! We’ll direct you from pose to pose and as you start getting into it you’ll feel like a Vicki's Secret model! (PS it should be mentioned that if you are uncomfortable with David being present at your shoot – I can make him disappear! Remember that magic I was talking about? :o)  Let us know ahead of time if you have an issue and we’ll take care of everything. You should also know that even if you prefer to have David photograph your shoot – you will NEVER be alone with him. I will always be there, or one of our assistants – for both your/our safety and comfort – let’s be can’t be too careful these days!)

Honestly, how is Pink Martini Photography different from other studios?
We are passionate about encouraging and empowering women. Our purpose in providing boudoir photography to our clients is to help them realize how amazingly beautiful they are...right now. Not 10 pounds from now or 10 years ago...right now in THIS moment of their life. Her stunning images will prove to her 'she's still got it!" and her man will be putty in her hands!
We believe in making a connection with our clients.  We treat them like friends and strive to build a one on one relationship with them. It's just how we do things...we take our photography seriously, and feel that building these kinds of relationships with our clients makes taking their photos a personal experience for us as well as them! We have a stake in it...everyone wants to make their friends happy, right?  Plain and simple...that's who we are and what we do. It's what will make the amazing images we take for you special and authentic. You wanted honesty, you got it.

Still not sure?
If you’re considering a boudoir shoot then you know deep down that you’ve got something special going on...there’s no doubt the man you love agrees! Every woman has a quality that makes her alluring; the come-hither look in her eyes, the sensual curve of her back, her flirty smile...What’s your sexy?

Boudoir photography has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s no surprise why!  We spend countless hours and endless amounts of money trying to meet our culture’s strict standards of beauty.  Yet, regardless of age or body type, modern boudoir photography is a unique way to capture each woman's individual beauty in a flattering, classy way.  Every client is very different and has something fabulous to capture. An intimate session is the perfect way for someone to celebrate how uniquely beautiful they are. 
Our goal at Pink Martini Photography is to create more than just sexy, flattering portraits; we want to create a fun, empowering experience and capture that special moment for you. 

I’m ready to book a Pink Martini session, what do I do next?
YAY! Fill out a request on our contact page and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to schedule it!
Check out some of the sample images in our boudoir galleries, and if you dare, take a peek at our Haute Pink Blog – a picture speaks a thousand words! Be warned though, the photographs on our blog are WAY racier than anything you’ll see in our regular galleries.  Please feel free to email us, or call…we aren’t shy, so if you have questions, ask away!