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Stuff you want to know

Our Style

We call our style non-traditional portraiture. 'What's that?" you ask, It's you and your family just being who you are! It’s you playing with your kids. It’s your kids…just being kids. It’s us capturing you and your family in those fleeting, delicious moments and preserving them to be savored long after they’ve passed.

We create non-traditional portraits that highlight those things that make your family unique. Our clients are looking for a boutique experience that focuses on portraits that tell their story in a way that is as individual and unique as they are! Our portraits and products offer familes a chance to immortalize loving family moments, in a unique and uncommon way!


Silly, sentimental, boisterous or formal, our photography style is as unique as you are. Our goal is to capture the real you. This is non-traditional portraiture…and it’s what we do best!


Is this YOU?

Our familes, kids and couples are fun, unconventional and enjoy having a kickin good time. They sing in the shower, jump in puddles, play air guitar, still love bubbles and the circus (we won't tell) and don't mind when people post goofy pics of them on Facebook.

They recognize the care we take to provide them with amazing photographic art and appreciate the opportunity to 'keepsake' their family's affection, fun and uniqueness. Is this you? If it is - give us a call or drop us a line...We'd love to hear from you - even if it's just to chat! Click over there on Contact us, and well…you know what to do!


The Portrait Process

In order to create authentic images for you that fully represent the uniqueness of you and your family, we have a simple process of three meetings, described below.


Our first meeting is a preconsultation; this will happen before your session with us. For this first meeting we can come to you or you're welcome to swing by the studio...if you prefer neutral territory, for coffee and donuts (...mmmm donuts) We'll discuss what kind of art you're interested in. In our initial conversation by email or phone, we will have asked you to take some quick snap shots of the area you'd like your art to be displayed (your phone is fine for this). We'll take a look at those and chat a bit about your style and ours and get a rough idea of what you're looking for in the way of products (this helps us plan) and what you can expect in your shoot with us. This first session is where we get to know each other and is really important to our process - so it's required.


The second meeting is your shoot! This can be done at your home, a park, a bowling alley or bar(YES!)... pretty much anywhere that is meaningful to you! If you don't have anywhere in particular that 'speaks' to you - we have plenty of cool, or out of the way places to do your shoot and they'll pretty much fit any style. The shoot is the fun part...we get to play around and be silly, tell lame jokes, giggle and just let you be you! We'll do all the work - but you won't notice, cause we'll all be having such a good time together.


Lastly, we'll give you a call when your 'reveal' is ready. You'll be invited to the 'lounge' (our place) and we'll premiere your images! There'll be drinks and goodies and lots of Ooohs and Aaahs over your photos and we'll get your photo order taken care of. We hate the 'tough sell' so no worries about that - we feel pretty confident that you're going to love your images...after all they were custom designed to your needs and desires! (all that stuff we talked about at the preconsult)


The Pink Martini Experience

We're a little we're a lot different - from other photographers you've run into...and we do things differently too. Our main goal is to provide you with an amazing experience, and amazing, unique photos and products that tell your story. All of our products are sold ala carte so you can custom design your purchases for just exactly what you want and need.

The Pink Martini experience includes your one-on-one planning session, your photography session itself and your personal image premiere/ordering session. You'll get loads of personal attention...we stay in touch throughout the whole process, so you'll never feel like you have to figure it all out on your own -'s our hope to be your 'forever' photographers - not just your 'today' photographers. We truly like and enjoy our clients, and look forward to being there to photograph all your babies, bar mitzvahs and weddings, graduations, random Christmas parties and clam bakes.


Honestly, how is Pink Martini Photography different from other studios?

We truly believe in making a connection with our clients. We treat them like friends and strive to build a one on one relationship with them. It's just how we do things...we take our photography seriously, and feel that building these kinds of relationships with our clients makes taking their photos a personal experience for us as well as them! We have a stake in it...everyone wants to make their friends happy, right? Plain and simple...that's who we are and what we do. It's what will make the amazing images we take for you special and authentic. You wanted honesty, you got it.


Why should I choose Pink Martini to do my portraits?

We are genuine, honest people and we want to tell your story in a genuine, honest way. We love to have fun and laugh, but we never forget that YOU are the reason we're in business! We’ve built Pink Martini Photography around the idea that YOU are our number one priority. That's not BS or marketing gobbledy gook - We truly believe that you - our customer - should be treated like we'd like to be treated! The Golden Rule still applies in our world...We have always prided ourselves on our ability to give our clients the absolute best, most amazing service they've ever recieved AND provide them with stunning images that reflect the uniqueness of their subjects. Besides...we're fun to hang out with!


Ready to get started?

Contact us through the ‘contact us’ tab for pricing info and details. We can’t wait to meet you!